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Servizi offertiThe D’Onghia enterprise started when the young entrepreneur Ferdinando D’Onghia decided to challenge himself and create, with the collaboration of a skilled team, a company able to establish itself in the building construction arena first, then in the field of renewable energies. We make private dwellings by using the best products available on the market, in collaboration with the best artisans to always deliver the highest quality. We work in the construction of public works by offering the best quality for money, aiming to always achieve the greatest satisfaction of the customer.

The objective of the company is the realization of new production initiatives, in particular the planning, construction, maintenance, restructuring and marketing of works of civil engineering, of building for civil housing and an other building work in the public and private sector. Specifically, the company does the following:

  • General works of building construction
  • Works of civil engineering
  • Building demolition and terrain preparation
  • Covering and construction of internal structures of roofs and buildings
  • Drilling and perforations
  • Plasterworks
  • Covering of walls and floors
  • Restructuring of monumental and historical works
  • Electrical stations building
  • Transportation of goods on behalf of third parties
  • Waste Brokerage
  • Transport of hazardous and non-hazardous waste
  • Site remediation

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Settore pubblico

Public sector

The D’Onghia enterprise has an extensive portfolio of public works that confirms the high quality of its services. Over the years it has realised many...

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Settore privato

Private sector

The two main principles the D’Onghia enterprise is based on are the realisation of private dwelling and the building restructuring and maintenance...

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Energie alternative

Alternative energy

The company has a solid experience in the field of renewable energies, having installed a large number of solar panels and wind turbines...

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Upcoming projects

HABITANDO residential buildings
We are building a new residential area in Pulsano (Taranto, Puglia) called "Habitando". The buildings are located in an high quality area, only 3 km from the Mediterranean Sea...

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Latest news

Houses for sale in Puglia. Join us in the new residential area "Habitando". For more information, please visit the dedicated page.

02 February 2014

Company brochure   Our new headquarter