Born Energy Construction

Design, construction and sale of renewable sources power plants, energy-saving systems and electric mobility.

Building and selling of turnkey wind power plants up to 60kWp.

Sell of certified wind power plants, ready for the sale of electric energy through incentives, with ten year warranty.

Born Energy Construction Logo

"Born energy & construction" is a young company, which works for industries and public bodies, executing civil works and electrical works, specialized in the electro-engineering, especially in the industrial, oil and gas sectors.

Born from the vision of two company partners, Impresa D'Onghia Srl and ESA srl, who have combined their respective expertise and their experience to work in the innovative world of renewable energy.

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Settore pubblico

Public sector

The D’Onghia enterprise has an extensive portfolio of public works that confirms the high quality of its services. Over the years it has realised many...

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Settore privato

Private sector

The two main principles the D’Onghia enterprise is based on are the realisation of private dwelling and the building restructuring and maintenance...

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Energie alternative

Alternative energy

The company has a solid experience in the field of renewable energies, having installed a large number of solar panels and wind turbines...

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Upcoming projects

HABITANDO residential buildings
We are building a new residential area in Pulsano (Taranto, Puglia) called "Habitando". The buildings are located in an high quality area, only 3 km from the Mediterranean Sea...

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Latest news

Houses for sale in Puglia. Join us in the new residential area "Habitando". For more information, please visit the dedicated page.

02 February 2014

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